Secondhand Spaces is driven by nostalgia and the search for connections to my family's past. Images of my family home as well as the homes of my grandparents explore how familiar spaces are comprised of possessions that have connections to distant or past generations. Both contemporary and antique furnishings are carefully observed throughout the photographs. The objects themselves along with their arrangements and materiality reveal the personality of the home just as much as its residents. These houses, which have remained in my family for much of their lives, have developed a unique patina over time which became physical evidence of the familial history of the people within. The images are tied together with the same sensitivity to color and natural light which help illustrate their sentimental significance. No figures are present except for subtle appearances of myself in order to emphasize my personal connection to the places I photograph and to let the physicality of these places speak for itself. The emphasis on texture, pattern, and color represents an appeal to nostalgia and the expressive nature of home interiors.